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ArcGIS, Layer Packages and Workarounds

Posted by smathermather on December 22, 2010

I’ve said before that I work in a hybrid shop– part ESRI, part Open Source. We use GeoExt/OpenLayers/GeoServer/PostGIS for the Enterprise stuff, and ESRI for the analyses, some specialized cartography, and the easy way out on one-off projects. I mostly blog about the Open Source stuff, ’cause that’s where my heart (and budget) lays.

So, now for some ESRI Fan geek-dum. Plus the obligatory work around. Fair warning:

Probably my favorite feature introduced with 9.3 is Layer Packages. Right click on a layer group, choose to export to layer package, and ArcGIS packages up your layer as a compressed layer group that you can send to friends, colleagues, and enemies.

Problem– sometimes the layer groups don’t work when you try to open them at the other end. So I’ve taken to testing them– create, double click to test (and thus decompress) and make sure there are no memory errors part-way through. I discovered a good work-around when there are memory errors– the packages decompress just fine with 7-Zip. What I’ve taken to doing now to ensure my friends, colleagues, and enemies can use my layer packages is to create, unzip with 7-zip, and re-zip with 7-zip as a *.zip file. 7-Zip and WinZip, etc. are much more stable than the engine used by Esri, and I haven’t had errors in the creation of the layer group, just the automatic decompression of it.

In essence, I’m using layer packages to help me organize the data to send, but using good old regular compression software to deliver it.

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