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Cartographic tricks and tips– making text readable, PostGIS edition

Posted by smathermather on June 29, 2013

Recall from previous post, I played a bit with using convex polygons and buffers to control noisy backgrounds behind text, ala:


golf_orig ——–>golf_final

I was tired of doing this in the GUI in QGIS, so I wrote some simple code to do it in PostGIS.

CREATE TABLE cm_label_cvx AS
WITH buffer_cvx AS (
    SELECT ST_Buffer(ST_ConvexHull(geom), 250) AS geom FROM cm_label_med)
    SELECT ST_Union(geom) FROM buffer_cvx;

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OGR for merging shapefiles

Posted by smathermather on June 8, 2013

I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10.  It’s nice, but it means I can no longer run QGIS 1.9 easily, so I’m limping along with 1.8, and without functional python extensions at that.

So, when I wanted to merge a directory of 60 some odd shapefiles, I turned to OGR.  GIS Programming at shows how to do it on Windows.  Here’s the linux/BASH way:

for f in *.shp; do ogr2ogr -update -append merge.shp $f -f "ESRI Shapefile"; done;

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