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Getting Bundler and friends running

Posted by smathermather on April 27, 2014

Anyone who has jumped down the rabbit hole of computer vision has run into dependency h*ll getting software to run.  I jumped down that hole again today with great success that I don’t want to forget (these directions are for Ubuntu, fyi).

First, clone BundlerTools:

This will download and compile (almost) everything for you, which is a wonderful thing.  The one exception is graclus.  This doesn’t have a direct download access anymore– you have to register, and then you will receive and e-mail with the download. So, to get the BundlerTools to work, you will need to post this someplace web accessible.  Then open and modify ( and change the following line (128)


to match your new download location.

Now change to executable:

chmod 700

and run


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Posted by smathermather on April 15, 2014


Stairway to PostGIS Heaven

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Inventorying linear assets– really high resolution orthos

Posted by smathermather on April 5, 2014

I have been contemplating all sorts of varied uses of Structure from Motion techniques. One of those outputs, in addition to using sUAVs (drones) is just to orthorectify and generate 3D meshes from ordinary photos. This has really great potential for linear assets like streams and rivers, trails and roads. We’ll have to being to contemplate how we’ll use (and summarize!) the incredible amount of data and information that will suddenly be available to us, e.g. this subset of an orthophoto of a multi-purpose trail:

Screen shot of orthophoto showing readable text: "Be courteous give notice when passing"


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Parks Data Cake, part deux

Posted by smathermather on April 2, 2014

Following up on my previous post, I have started to detail the how of our parks map rendering works, including a GitHub repository with all the code and data to build your own in TileStache. One of these days, we’ll port this to TileMill, but in the mean time, it works and works wonderfully.

Screenshot of trailsforthepeople-styles github


— Addendum —

Truth in advertising– the contours data were not included in the repository as they are 1.3 GB all by themselves

— End Addendum —


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