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The easiest way to get PostGIS and friends running:

Posted by smathermather on May 21, 2014

Docker.  See: for a quick and easy Docker running PostGIS. Understand, this isn’t production ready (the connection permissions make my teeth hurt a little) but, so nice to have a one stop shop for postgis, pgrouting, and pointcloud. Now I may have to write blog posts on pointcloud. Point cloud didn’t get in the PostGIS Cookbook because it was too hard to build. I built it. I played with its wonders. Then I decided it was too much too early. Well, not any more… .

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;
CREATE EXTENSION pointcloud_postgis;

Screen shot of pgAdmin with CREATE EXTENSIONS for all the fun postgresql extensions... .

Oh, one more thing: pro-tip. You can modify the Docker file into a shell script for installing all this goodness on your local Ubuntu/Debian machine as well:

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Mother’s Day — sacred/

Posted by smathermather on May 11, 2014

I’m amused that on this day, I have zero hits from the US on my blog. Nice job paying attention to Mother’s Day, all:


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Getting Bundler and friends running — part deux

Posted by smathermather on May 6, 2014

In my previous post on Getting Bundler and friends running, I suggested how to modify an existing script to get Bundler and other structure from motion parts/pieces up and running.  Here’s my follow up.

Install Vagrant and VirtualBox.

Download (or clone) this repo:

Navigate into the cloned or unzipped directory (on the command line), run

vagrant up

Go have a cup of coffee. Come back. Run

vagrant ssh

Congratulations. You have an Ubuntu machine capable of all sorts of StructureFromMotion / OpenDroneMap goodness.
Next: A tutorial on how to use the tools you just compiled… .

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