Copying GWC Directory efficiently– Linux

There has been discussion recently amongst some of the web cache builders of switching from file-based tile caching to SQLite or other database driven systems.  I haven’t kept close tabs– perhaps this is already implemented for some.  For GeoWebCache, we’re working with files (lots of them), so copying efficiently if we need to move our cache is important.  The tar command helps here, e.g. (run … Continue reading Copying GWC Directory efficiently– Linux

WMS vs. WMTS and GetFeatureInfo Requests

How to get GetFeatureInfo requests to perform against GeoWebCache?  Just don’t.  I’m unclear as to whether it is problematic to do this because of a known bug or known implementation differences between the (unofficial) WMTS standard as implemented by OpenLayers and GeoServer, but in Googling for answers to how to perform a GetFeatureInfo request against GeoWebCache, I discovered a workaround (logged here for example).  The … Continue reading WMS vs. WMTS and GetFeatureInfo Requests

GeoWebCache Configuration

I’ve long delayed the configuration of GeoWebCache (GWC).  Automatic configuration within GeoServer’s deployment of it has been adequate until now.   Until now that I want to deploy tiles in something other than Google Mercator… . I’ve developed a cache setup for Ohio State Plane North, Feet (epsg:3734).  At first it was a going to be a cache just for our service area, then I thought … Continue reading GeoWebCache Configuration

Debian Configuration– Tomcat on Boot

Start-up scripts in Debian Linux aren’t exactly straight forward for the un-initiated.  Actually, if memory serves me, they aren’t any more straight forward on Ubuntu Linux either, but such is heredity. We are transitioning some of our GeoServer instances over to 64-bit Debian Linux.  In my test Ubuntu environment, I had a hack in place to force the Tomcat Java Servlet to launch on startup, … Continue reading Debian Configuration– Tomcat on Boot