Povray Viewshed with Trees (finally)

Povray Viewshed with Trees: still some tweaking to do, especially tweaking that represents the real location and size of trees on the landscape, but if we cannot yet have veracity, best to have some verisimilitude.  Also, long term, it’d be nice if the light sources would be effected by the trees, but not the camera.  The trees occlude the ability of the camera to see what the full viewshed is.  Not clear what I mean?  Give me a few days, something nagging the back of my brain says the solution is trivial.  In the mean time, here’s the code:

Now for the include files:


tree_coords5.inc (can you tell I’m not using version control):

Images to come of the output.  It is rendering as we speak.  I didn’t like the Povray 3.7 beta versions I ran at work on a much faster computer, so now I’m waiting for it to finish on my wife’s laptop… .

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