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Viewshed Analyses in Povray– Final Image

Posted by smathermather on January 28, 2010

I completed this project a long time ago and have not blogged on it in over a year.  None-the-less, I realized that I hadn’t posted any final images for the viewshed analysis with Povray.

So here is the summer viewshed analysis.  This is rendered with about (I think) 150,000 trees, each with 100,000+ leaves.  The cell tower here is in red.  The landscape colored in cyan where the tower can be seen from.  A property boundary shows up in green:

And here is the same viewshed but a winter scene.  Since this is a very flat wetland landscape, it’s important to understand the visual penetration of the cell tower with the vegetation, with and without leaves:

One Response to “Viewshed Analyses in Povray– Final Image”

  1. I think I meant that to say 100,000,000+ leaves.

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