Contours– Symbolized from a single table

In a previous post, I restructured the contour data for display in GeoServer, e.g.:

UPDATE base.contours_2
	SET 	div_10 = CAST( contours_2.elevation % 10 AS BOOLEAN ),
		div_20 = CAST( contours_2.elevation % 20 AS BOOLEAN ),
		div_50 = CAST( contours_2.elevation % 50 AS BOOLEAN ),
		div_100 = CAST( contours_2.elevation % 100 AS BOOLEAN ),
		div_250 = CAST( contours_2.elevation % 250 AS BOOLEAN );

The SLD styling for the contours based on the new data structure will be forthcoming with my intern’s upcoming guest post, but in the meantime, I have a teaser of a map snapshot, served up through a GeoExt interface (note the correct contour intervals showing in the legend simply and elegantly because of the data structure and a single SLD):

Contour Map, 10ft and 50ft contours
Over-zoom showing 2ft and 10ft Contours

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