Leaflet, GeoServer, and Open Source Software Ramblings


I posted this post about an apparent problem in rendering of GeoJSON in Leaflet, and now it’s fixed a week later.  Why gush now, when for a few years developers on the GeoServer board have been fixing bugs I’ve found (often by the next day)?  Well for one, I very rarely find bugs in GeoServer– I just think I do, document everything, send it on, and then find out I’ve made a mistake.  It’s hard to gush about making a mistake and then having the GeoServer community kind enough to show me the errors (and they are kind about it). I should gush anyway, but ego sometimes prevents it. For example, the last time I found a “bug” in GeoServer, one of the developers fixed it so no one else could make the same mistake (the mistake included forgetting to install fonts) and did it while laid up with an injury.

With Leaflet, I guess what’s really nice is the kindness of strangers, so it comes as a surprise.  The GeoServer listserve has come to feel like family.  They take great care of me and I take them for granted.  I don’t know the Leaflet developers from Adam, so it feels quite warm and fuzzy to have my bugs bugs I’ve discovered squashed anyway, all for pride in a codebase that should function right.

The short and long of it: warm and fuzzies all around. Yay, Open Source.


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