Cartography and USGS — Fake Building Footprints in PostGIS now with distance operator (part 2)

In a previous couple of posts (this one, and this one), we dealt with point rotations, first with bounding box searches, and then with nominal use of operators.

First we create a function to do our angle calculations, then use select to loop through all the records and do the calculations.

Within our function, first we find our first (in this case) five nearest streets using our distance operator , based on bounding boxes, then we further order by ST_Distance, with a LIMIT 1 to get just the closest street. By the way, this is about twice as fast as the last approach.

And our new code:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION angle_to_street (geometry) RETURNS double precision AS $$

WITH index_query as
                (SELECT ST_Distance($1,road.geom) as dist,
                                degrees(ST_Azimuth($1, ST_ClosestPoint(road.geom, $1))) as azimuth
                FROM street_centerlines As road
                ORDER BY $1 <#> road.geom limit 5)

SELECT azimuth
                FROM index_query
                ORDER BY dist


DROP TABLE IF EXISTS address_points_rot;
CREATE TABLE address_points_rot AS

                SELECT addr.*, angle_to_street(addr.geom)
                                address_points addr;

I have to credit Alexandre Neto with much of the code for this solution.

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