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Serving and filtering #GeoJSON from #GeoServer

Posted by smathermather on July 19, 2012

The nice thing about setting up something like GeoServer, which is so feature rich, is when you need to pivot based on the demands of a new project, the technical infrastructure is already there, just waiting to be configured or turned on.

The case today: feature services.  Someone wants to use my existing infrastructure in a new application.  I typically serve tile services.  One checkbox to enable WFS; a couple clicks to see an example GeoJSON request, and


Ah.  That wasn’t so bad.  But wait, we need to filter the request!  GeoServer offers CQL and ECQL:

http://localhost:8080/geoserver/cm/ows?service=WFS&version=1.0.0&request=GetFeature&typeName=cm:parks&outputFormat=json&cql_filter=(res=’Mildreds Favorite Park”)

Oops, I also need it reprojected on the fly to Google Mercator:

http://localhost:8080/geoserver/cm/ows?service=WFS&version=1.0.0&request=GetFeature&typeName=cm:parks&outputFormat=json&cql_filter=(res=’Mildreds Favorite Park”)&srsName=EPSG:3857

Not too bad for a feature I hadn’t needed until today… .

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