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Using ST_Node in PostGIS (where once I used ST_Union)

Posted by smathermather on November 30, 2012

Just discovered ST_Node, a function in PostGIS just for noding geometries.  I used to use ST_Union for this, a potentially memory intensive operation.  Now I can use ST_Node.

For usage, see the PostGIS docs (requires 2.0 and GEOS 3.3.2 for bug free use).

Back to coding.  That is all.

2 Responses to “Using ST_Node in PostGIS (where once I used ST_Union)”

  1. underdark said

    Sounds useful but I think this function needs an illustration that explains what’s going on. I’m having trouble imagining what it really does.

  2. Indeed, that’s a good idea. It was a post approaching the austerity of a tweet, given my schedule at the moment. I will follow up with an illustration, hopefully soon. BTW, your blog is among my very favorites.

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