New PostGIS book, on its way…

I have posted about this previously, but just a reminder that I am working (with dedicated and brilliant co-authors) on a PostGIS book! Publication date TBD, but we are not far off now. It will be via Packt, and likely a title like “PostGIS Cookbook” or similar.

bridge over the maumee

Like many great projects, reviewing it at editing time is revealing that it is better than it felt in the writing– this will be a very nice addition to the canon (I can say that since only 4 of the chapters are mine, right? So it’s not bragging, right?… ).

It has been hard to write a great book that would complement and extend the existing canon, but also stand on its own. I think this one does a nice job of it. Since it is a recipe driven book, a lot of focus has been placed on practical examples. But, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that beyond practical examples are practical examples with unexpected twists, and the occasional advanced and esoteric technique which has really great applications.

So stay tuned. Great things to come.

Also, pro-tip– never write a book with a full-time job and two children under the school age.  Never.  Unless you have to.  My family can’t wait for me to be done… .

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