Happy #postgis day, everybody! A big and fun day

All goes well, the PostGIS Cookbook will be out in January here’s some of the official info:

If you are a web developer or a software architect, … and want to expand the range of techniques you are using with PostGIS, then this book is for you… .

An easy-to-use guide, full of hands-on recipes for manipulating spatial data in a PostGIS database. Each topic is explained and placed in context, and for the more inquisitive, there are more details of the concepts used.

Image of PostGIS Cookbook Cover

More to the point, as Paul Ramsey asked me today on the PostGIS Day Extravaganza, will it be packed with wacky “I didn’t know you could/should do that with PostGIS recipes”? the answer is, “Yes”.  I wrote some special for it, including creating a TIN from a structure-from-motion drone/UAS/UAV point cloud.

But, it is also graced with a great chapter on raster by the venerable Bborie Park.  Want to know how to do raster acrobatics in PostGIS?  We can help with that.  Want to optimize and tune Postgres for PostGIS?  We can help with that.  Want to connect all that PostGIS goodness into a web application?  Paulo Corti wrote a great few chapters on that and other topics (2/3rds of the book).  We can help with that.  Want to connect into a OpenJump, QGIS or other desktop application?  Tom Kraft wrote a good chapter for that– yes, we can help with that.

Pre-orders can be done here: http://www.packtpub.com/postgis-to-store-organize-manipulate-analyze-spatial-data-cookbook/book

Happy PostGIS Day, everybody.

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