FOSS4G Korea 2014

This year’s FOSS4G is in Portland, September 8th through the 14th. It should be a great conference.

Related and relavent: yours truly will keynote and offer a half day workshop in PostGIS at FOSS4G Korea, 2014.

I cannot put into words how excited I am. Sanghee, representative of OSGeo Korean Chapter put the relevant info on FOSS4G Korea 2014 succinctly:

“FOSS4G Korea 2014 will be held at COEX, Seoul, on 27th and 28th August in conjunction with Smart Geo Expo, the largest geospatial event in Korea.”

So, if you are in Seoul at the end of August, look me up.  (Oh, and I should mention FOSS4G 2015 will be in Seoul too).

Screen shot of DuckDuckGo search for Seoul

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