FOSS4G 2015 — reasons you should go

I know what you’re thinking. I spoke with you at FOSS4G 2014. You are a vendor who makes his or her money customizing free and open source software for geospatial, or maybe you also do core FOSS4G software development, and you are not sure of the benefits of sacrificing time and energy to go to FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul.

Korea? I’m sure it’s really nice, but I’ll lose a week of productivity for the sake of contracts I may not win. I’d have to take it as vacation. Our hourly rates are so much higher, it would be hard to compete for contracts.

et cetera.

Put it all aside. This, like the first time you started working with OSGeo projects is a long game. It may pay off in 2015 (I think it will), but it may take longer. And like FOSS, it’s worth it.

As Paul Ramsey put it: “I’m anticipating seeing some truly outstanding work that would otherwise be very hard to discover, it’s going to be a must-attend event.” This is an opportunity to discover what Southeast Asia is doing in FOSS. There will be a large Korean contingent. While I haven’t written up the work yet, there’s great private and public sector work happening in Korea. There will be a large OSGeo Japan contingent. I heard tell it’s cheaper to fly to Seoul than between some islands in Japan, so we can expect great participation. And we will see India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Phillipines, China, Singapore, etc..

Come to FOSS4G in Seoul next year. Yes, the country: people, sea, and mountains are beautiful. The food is delicious to the point of being precious. The hospitality is all enveloping. But, I know that as a contributor to free and open source software, you are a cold-hearted pragmatist. The long game in free and open source software? I’ve got my money on Asia.

4 thoughts on “FOSS4G 2015 — reasons you should go

  1. Great Post! … and difficult to write this if English is a foreign language for you.
    What I experienced with helping to organize SotM in Japan as the most time consuming task, and what we could have done much better: convince people to come to Japan and make it a truly international event. And not the last weeks before, but in time to be also participate in the call for papers, become a sponsor, etc..

    I think for Korea it will be a similar situation, and I’m sure they will appreciate any help with writing news, press releases, articles … in English. And help to spread the information.

    1. Hmm, good point. I can’t translate from Korean yet, but I can help in polishing existing drafts. I hearby volunteer my services as needed or requested (and will do so in e-mail too… .

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