Take that, hipsters. Compositing in GeoServer

Let’s be honest. There’s some un-coolness to GeoServer. It’s built on Java. It’s old(er) and multi-purpose. It has none of the cache of server side javascript or GoLang goodness. But bless me, it is a workhorse. And sometimes having a tool that can do anything is a blessing. If multi-purpose toolbelts and pocket protectors are uncool, then declare me uncool. You won’t be the first.

Anyway, this a long way of saying that GeoServer now has something that the Mapnik ecosystem has — it has compositing! Which means any cartographic effect you want is well within reach with GeoServer.

Examples of compositing in GeoServer

So, now you can do “Enterprise” geo stuff _with_compositing. Cheers.



2 thoughts on “Take that, hipsters. Compositing in GeoServer

  1. With composite-base you can also control how compositing works when stacking several layers, which is one thing not everybody has 😉 (I think MapServer has it, did not see it in other projects but might have overlooked it).

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