GDAL tools of the trade: GDAL, MrSid, and nearblack revisited

internet_archiveBack in 2011 I wrote a post about GDAL, translating MrSID files and trimming off the artifacts so mosaics work. I’m revisiting some similar work this week and realized I had lost my copy of FWTools that can deal with MrSIDs. The Internet Archive came to the rescue.

At some point LizardTech licensed a DLL that allowed for compilation compatible with FWTools licensing so we could do things like use gdal_translate to covert a MrSID file to a tiff. Later on, the licensing changed, but binaries created prior to the change hold that original license. The WayBack Machine archived one such copy here: .

Download, install, and now for some Batch scripting fun… .

W:\Aircraft\naip_ortho>for %I in (*.sid) do gdal_translate %I %~nI.tif

W:\Aircraft\naip_ortho>gdal_translate ortho_1-1_1n_s_oh035_2015_1.sid ortho_1-1_
Input file size is 58222, 49140

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