The ultimate kite?

Loving the new kite we acquired at work. With a year or so of flying under our belts, we’ve learned to love and hate the wind. It seems it is often either too slow or too fast. If it’s too slow, that spells frustration and time lost. If it’s too fast, the same is true, but a fast wind can cause costly equipment damage as well.

It turns out, there are some really nice kites made in New Zealand for kite fishing that solve the problem of too much wind handily.

This kite will fish winds of 6 to 50 knots and can be tacked up to 60 degrees off the wind.

Anecdotally, the kite in question will fly in even faster winds safely, but just to be safe, it’s probably best to fly within specs.

Another frustrating aspect of kite flying with an objective of collecting data is putting the kite right where you want it, irrespective of wind direction. Fortunately, that’s a solved and well documented problem:

Flies like a dream. Happy flying!

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