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Pirating APIs

Posted by smathermather on October 14, 2013

Took me a while to post this, but Pete Warden DM’d me on twitter after this post: about geocoding with the following link:

It’s funny, I hadn’t given serious thought to whether this use of Google geocoding was a violation of the terms of service, but he makes some great points about why not only does it violate those terms, but why as advocates of open solutions, we shouldn’t use these solutions.  Go ahead, read it for yourself.  It’s a nice post:

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Geocoding in QGIS, the easy way.

Posted by smathermather on October 1, 2013

Search the Google for geocoding in QGIS and you find a few nice articles, mostly pointing to third party web sites that will geocode for you, e.g. this post from 2009.  It’s a good post, but there’s an easier way now.

Well, let’s see if a little SEO will help solve this fgeocodeor people– a great tool for geocoding in QGIS is MMQGIS.  Add it as an extension, choose “GeoCode from Google”, and load up your CSV of addresses.  You may have to sit and wait a while, but rest assured, the result will be worth the wait.  So, load up the extensions manager and search for MMGIS.  Install.  Enjoy.

Now, off to find census data during the sequester… .


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