Dialog– What qualifies as a benchmark? Part 1

Normally, my blog is a bit of a monologue.  It’s not a bad thing, but can be a little lonely.  Every now and then I get a great (and often doubtful) comments, which enhances things considerably. What follows is some dialog about the LiDAR shootout series, largely between Etienne and Pierre, posted with their permission: Pierre: “Etienne, Stephen, “I really appreciate the benchmark work you … Continue reading Dialog– What qualifies as a benchmark? Part 1

LiDAR Shootout! — New Chart, Final Results

In reviewing the final numbers and charts from Etienne and Pierre, above are the results we see.  The only revision is a moderate increase in speed for the PG Raster query. Final results in speed for lastools– ~350,000 points per second.  In other words– off-the-charts fast.  And the initial RMSE of ~25 feet was a mistake– it is probably closer to 0.2 feet. Stay tuned … Continue reading LiDAR Shootout! — New Chart, Final Results

LiDAR Shootout!

For a couple of months now I’ve been corresponding with Etienne Racine and Pierre Racine out of Montreal Laval University in Quebec City.  They decided to take on the problem of finding the speed and accuracy of a number of different techniques for extracting canopy height from LiDAR data.  They have been kind enough to allow me to post the results here.  This will be … Continue reading LiDAR Shootout!