Packt Sale — 2 books for the price of one

Now I feel like a salesman. I feel obliged to mention the Packt buy one get one free sale (ends tomorrow): If you want a postgresql title to go with the PostGIS Cookbook (just sayin’): Ok. Enough. Back to fun reading:   Continue reading Packt Sale — 2 books for the price of one

PostGIS Cookbook(s)

This is starting to feel real… PostGIS Cookbook(s).  2904 pages. Page count for a single book can be calculated as in the following code: The preceding query will result in the following: A special thanks to my family, my co-authors, all the contributors to PostGIS, and to Regina Obe for helping me through the hardest bit of code in my part of the book. Check … Continue reading PostGIS Cookbook(s)