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Packt Sale — 2 books for the price of one

Posted by smathermather on March 25, 2014

Now I feel like a salesman. I feel obliged to mention the Packt buy one get one free sale (ends tomorrow):

If you want a postgresql title to go with the PostGIS Cookbook (just sayin’):

Ok. Enough. Back to fun reading:

An map of Mount Pleasant


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PostGIS Cookbook(s)

Posted by smathermather on March 5, 2014

This is starting to feel real…

PostGIS Cookbook(s).  2904 pages.

6 PostGIS Cookbooks

Page count for a single book can be calculated as in the following code:

WITH distinction AS (
    SELECT DISTINCT( the_text) AS pages FROM postgis_cookbook
SELECT COUNT (pages) AS "Count of Pages" FROM distinction;

The preceding query will result in the following:

Count of Pages

Feeling real

A special thanks to my family, my co-authors, all the contributors to PostGIS, and to Regina Obe for helping me through the hardest bit of code in my part of the book. Check out Regina and Leo’s book, PostGIS in Action. Their second edition is already on pre-order. I got to read a bit of it last year, and it promises to be a really epic edition. I still reference the 1st edition myself. I wish I had had it when I was starting in PostGIS… .

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