Limitations to Trigger Based Unique Constraint

A unique constraint implemented as a trigger checking hashed geometry seems like a good idea, that is until I applied it to a multi-10GB dataset.  Not surprisingly, it starts off fast on inserts, and slows down a lot as time goes on.  So, I thought I’d approach duplicates another way, by deleting them once they exist.  So for my table:


I have hashed my geometry, and added an index:

UPDATE base.cuy_contours_2 SET hash = MD5(ST_AsBinary(the_geom));
CREATE INDEX cuy_contours_2_hash_idx ON base.cuy_contours_2(hash);

I will follow by deleting the duplicate geometries by checking the hashed geometry:

 FROM base.cuy_contours_2
 (SELECT        MAX(dup.gid)
 FROM        base.cuy_contours_2 as dup
 GROUP BY    dup.hash

But, after a very long time, I get an error:

ERROR:  could not read block 356366 of relation 1663/17185/12118368: Permission

So, it’s a  down week, and most of my maps are cached, so we’ll take the postgres service down, and run it in single user mode:

postgres --single -D c:\postgre_data CM

And rerun the command on one line, per single user mode, with no semicolon:

DELETE FROM base.cuy_contours_2 WHERE gid NOT IN (SELECT MAX(dup.gid) FROM base.cuy_contours_2 as dup GROUP BY dup.hash );

and hope for the best… .

Oh and thanks to :

For help with this one.

One thought on “Limitations to Trigger Based Unique Constraint

  1. This didn’t work and I don’t know why… . Instead I’ll try making a copy of the table with the following language construct and hope for the best… .

    SELECT *
    FROM base.cuy_contours_2
    ORDER BY hash ASC
    LIMIT 1;

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