COPY command psql– loading large LiDAR Point Dataset

Ok, so the INSERT statements were too numerous for inputing the LiDAR point dataset (about a billion points… .)  They kept crashing the postgres daemon.  So, I used copy from a CSV file:

COPY base.cuy_lidar_all FROM 'c:/path/cuy_lidar_ground_veg.insert' WITH CSV

Keep your fingers crossed… .

One thought on “COPY command psql– loading large LiDAR Point Dataset

  1. This worked, kind of. It ran overnight. I added a geometry column, populated it with the XY data for a 2-D point set. However, I can’t build a spatial index on it… . I can’t remember the error off hand, but it runs into what the database reports as permission issues when I try to index it. To work around this, I ran it in single-user mode and attempted to index it again. It crashed before completing. When I restarted the database normally, it took a few hours to rebuild from the restore point… . Maybe PostGIS isn’t meant to handle a billion naively imported and indexed points.

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