Really loooong WMS requests

We have a GeoExt/Mapfish/GeoServer/PostGIS stack in house that allows us to print nice maps through a web interface. There has been a ceiling, however, as far as size– 140dpi and 22×34 has been the largest we’ve been able to render maps, and even then, sometimes the layers are too complicated.

For a long time I was under the naïve impression that it was a memory issue with JAITools. The GeoServer users group set me straight on that– it was a timeout issue. A couple more posts to GeoServer Users and Mapfish, and I really got set straight– in my case it was a client side timeout issue (I had already allowed for long WMS requests in GeoServer and in Mapfish’s config.yaml). Since the stack includes GeoExt, and therefore leverages ExtJS, the solution is simple. I now have the following line at the start of my javascript document:

Ext.Ajax.timeout = 120000; //2 minutes

Now we can do 300dpi images/maps at 36 inches x 48 inches (about A0 for the folks on the International system).

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