FOSS4G 2011 Denver– Ideal schedule

I spent a few hours winnowing down my list of desired talks at FOSS4G and came up with the following list. Path dependence (i.e. technologies related to the ones I’m already deploying) were at the top of this list, but I do hope to expand my knowledge of all the options as well. For almost every slot, there were anywhere from 2 to 4 presentations that really excite me. And finally, one of the most exciting (to me) presentations is the last in this list (Lifemapper Moves Forward: Bringing Together Geospatial and Biodiversity Informatics Tools to Save the World)– which I’ll miss because I’ll be flying out at that time. Alas, I’ll have to download the presentation when I get back to Ohio.




Sept 13th

Developing OGC Compliant Web Applications With GeoExt

Andreas Hocevar

Sept 14th

State of PostGIS

Paul Ramsey

PostGIS 2.0, the new stuff

Regina Obe, Leo Hsu

Functional Coverages

Gennadii Donchyts, Deltares Fedor Baart

Tutorial: GeoServer Scripting with Python and RESTConfig

David Winslow

Introducing GXP: Webmapping made easy

Bart van den Eijnden

GeoScript – Spatial Capabilities for Scripting Languages

Justin Deoliveira, Jared Erickson

Scripting GeoServer with GeoScript

Justin Deoliveira, Tim Schaub

Sept 15th

Open Source tools for digital field mapping

ing Andrea Antonello, S.r.l., ing Silvia Franceschi

OpenLayers Mobile

Tim Schaub, Eric Lemoine

LiDAR Point Cloud Processing with libPC and libLAS

Howard Butler, Michael Gerlek

A web-based PostGIS educational tool

Javier Morales

The status of GeoServer WPS

Andrea Aime

Tutorial: Working with GeoScript

Tim Schaub, Justin Deoliveira

Sept 16th

HTML5 for Rich Geospatial applications on the web

Javier de la Torre

PostGIS Replication

Steven Singer

Store, manipulate and analyze raster data within the PostgreSQL/PostGIS spatial database

Pierre Racine

Once upon a time: JGrass

ing Andrea Antonello, HydroloGIS s.r.l., ing Silvia Franceschi, HydroloGIS

Lifemapper Moves Forward: Bringing Together Geospatial and Biodiversity Informatics Tools to Save the World

Aimee Stewart

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