Motivations behind Open Source

Waxing philosophical tonight.  Apologies in advance. Paul Ramsey had a great opening keynote opening keynote at FOSS4G on the business model/economics (punchline: business tactic) behind Open Source software, and Free and Open Source companies.  It was funny and convincing, began with absurdity, and made me laugh, as did his PostGIS for Power Users.  His presentation style is at once casual, clever, and passionate.  What caught … Continue reading Motivations behind Open Source

What is the center line of a complex polygon?

Sat in on a great presentation yesterday by Tim Schaub and Justin Deoliveira on GeoScript. Definitely check out their tutorials. To practice what I learned, I thought I’d apply it to the problem of how to find the centerline of a polygon. What do I mean by the centerline of a polygon? Well in the case of a stream that is drawn with both it’s … Continue reading What is the center line of a complex polygon?

FOSS4G 2011 Denver– Ideal schedule

I spent a few hours winnowing down my list of desired talks at FOSS4G and came up with the following list. Path dependence (i.e. technologies related to the ones I’m already deploying) were at the top of this list, but I do hope to expand my knowledge of all the options as well. For almost every slot, there were anywhere from 2 to 4 presentations … Continue reading FOSS4G 2011 Denver– Ideal schedule