Ubuntu Touch

If you are feeling truly geeky, check out Ubuntu Touch, now that you can install it on your Nexus 4:

Picture from Ubuntu site showing 3 views of Ubuntu Touch
Ubuntu Touch


I installed it last weekend as a ramp up to a writing/editing week.  It was a nice semi-brainless and obsessive thing to do in advance of a heavy tech week– it required no documentation to be written, no expectation of success, no deliverable for anyone.  By the way, TL/DR on installation– if you have a rooted customized Android– be sure to restore to factory everything before trying to install.  Then it should be fast to do and painless.  Otherwise, you will spend much time trying hard things you shouldn’t have to try… .

The short review, is that their disclaimer for developers and industry partners only is true.  This is not yet a fully featured phone.  But it is very pretty, nearly functional, and has been a joy to use this week.

I am definitely looking forward to this platform maturing.

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