PostGIS Cookbook Promises

So, as we’re are in the final edits of the PostGIS Cookbook, there are some recipes that have ended up on the cutting room floor.  Several of these will end up on this blog:

Amongst those that will end up in the alternate pipeline, and thus ultimately in GitHub, will be a project called pgOrthogonalize, similar to the functionality in Potlatch2 and iD to square up building footprints. I will be adding a set of scripts for PostGIS to do the same at the database level.

Other smaller things are ending up on the cutting room floor, including a soup-to-nuts tutorial on how to use TravelingSalesPerson (pgr_tsp and related tools) in pgRouting.

So, stay tuned for those.  Really cool thing– once I recover from book writing, expect more blog posts here than have been in the past year or so.  I’m looking forward to being back… .

Driving Distance as compared to Buffer Distance
Driving Distance as compared to Buffer Distance

2 thoughts on “PostGIS Cookbook Promises

  1. Hey there!

    Will there be a sample chapter / pages available? Curious as to the format and level of instruction…

    Can’t wait for this – the image above is going to be a huge help for walkability / accessibility modeling I’m doing…


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