And then Steve gets all sentimental…

for sweetness in `ls *sappy*`;

It is bittersweet as I leave you, Korea. I did not intend to stay this long, so I do miss my family dearly. As my son started kindergarten, I flew to you, and you welcomed me. You astonished me with hospitality, humor, understanding, and the deep beauty of your people, your language, your Seoul, and your mountains. Thank you for the time and conversation with Tongju Dongjoo who offered me grapes and words on Dobong mountain, for ‘Jim’ who fed me rice cakes, shared his spot in the creek for cooling off hot and tired feet in the valley



Thank you for the atmospheric scientist and programmer whose hospitality and grace were unmatched. May her purpose and direction continue to unfold before her.

Thanks for the statistician turned Open Source GIS person who listened, translated, and understood.


And for the centurion who I will see again soon.


It was with these three I ate and drank, talked to at length, and with whom I experienced that elevated hospitality you, Korea, are known for.  These three laughed and cheered as I ate the more difficult seafood (sea worms and urchin shell and all, live squid on ice…) , taught me the fine ceremonies of soju, and so very quickly I came to count as friends.

And so, as I long to be home with my loving family, the parting is bitter and sweet. Is it also sour and salty and umami, or would that strain the metaphor too far?


I hope not. Until next time…


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