OpenDroneMap — Now with animated GIFs

Ok. I confess, clickbait. OpenDroneMap won’t make the animated gifs for you. But come on! it can make the 3D models which you can view in Meshlab or where ever, and then create animated gifs. Ok ok. I promised animated gifs. These are from data contributed to our test dataset repo by  Aaron Racicot and Tomasz Nycz respectively.

View of 3D textured surface model of Langley, BC
View of 3D textured surface model of Langley, BC
3D of kite aerial photography dataset
3D view of farm from Kite Aerial Photography (revised description)


7 thoughts on “OpenDroneMap — Now with animated GIFs

    1. The texturing is full resolution from the input images, so depending on flight height and camera specifications, the resolution of the mesh and orthophotos can be quite high.

  1. Great work, from the picture at the top i see this is from the langley dataset, what parameters did you use to get this?

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