Humanitarian UAV Experts Meeting — first blush.

UAViators, MIT Lincoln Labs, UNOCHA, and others organized and hosted the UAViators Experts Meeting on MIT’s campus this weekend. It was a remarkable event, if only for the thoughtfulness and knowledge base of the people in the room. The meeting brought together UAV operators, manufacturers, humanitarians, and a few folks at the intersection of these.

For me, it was relevatory with respect to all the non-mapping specific drone applications, from the advancement of technologies for last mile logistics to basic tactical / observational applications.

What was also interesting was some of the insights into regulatory issues and questions that are on the horizon.

I gave a short presentation on OpenDroneMap and therefore much of my time was spent thinking and listening in order to understand the potential application of OpenDroneMap in the humanitarian and development space. This extends a bit my understanding of its role and potential role in environmental applications.

More soon!

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