3D Reconstructing… everything, part cinq: the beginnings of 3D construction

In previous posts in this series here and here II and here III here IV, we’ve worked through a surprising use case in OpenDroneMap: unreferenced imagery for general 3D reconstruction. Let us take this one step further toward 3D construction. If we have a model that we can georeference (✔️) and thus can do things like create contours (✔️) then maybe we can use these information to create a cutting diagram for a laser etcher and recreated a neck from our 3D scan of the ukulele? Crazy idea? Probably. Am I going to explore it to it’s illogical end anyway? Probably. 🤪

First step is, we need to download and unzip all our data from WebODM, and start loading and exploring it in QGIS.org.

The silliness of a ukulele orthophoto
The silliness of a ukulele digital surface model
Contours from the surface model!
Contours overlayed on Mount Ukulele orthophoto

Now we have something to work with: lots of beautiful contours showing us the size and shape of the neck. Our contours are calculated at 1/4″ assuming we want to etch 1/4″ boards to build up our neck.

Starting to clean up contours

Take that! Neck alone remains
Cleaned up neck
Cleaned up and 1/2 model
Importing into Inkscape. As we measured in inches, and the measurements are in meters.

Now, those lines are a bit lumpy, so in the next steps, we will recreate those as splines so we have nice smooth cuts.

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