More work– i.e. a little node and on a little ubuntu

Continuing a previous post, I have been exploring the use of for an easy to deploy way for folks to edit geojson.  For my purposes this led to a dive into node. Getting node to run well on ubuntu is not as easy as: Nope, tried that. Better to use/get a newer version of node. For this we turn to PPAs (Personal Package Archives). … Continue reading More work– i.e. a little node and on a little ubuntu

A public sector use for

Sitting in a meeting Friday, I was struck with a problem that needed solved quickly: we have a land cover classification being done by a third party for which we will have a team of more than a dozen entities doing some validation of the data.  We could print out paper maps for them, but that seems labor intensive and expensive.  So, I proposed we … Continue reading A public sector use for

GitHub Art

I’m thinking about drawing things in GitHub’s contribution section– maybe only uploading on certain days in order to draw or write in big green pixels. Anyone done this? The slate’s almost blank for me– seems a good opportunity to start. —–Update—– Been done, thanks Craig Williams: @smathermather see cc @jasonscheirer — Craig Williams (@williamscraigm) July 27, 2013 Continue reading GitHub Art

shape-pov on GitHub

I am working on a project, well, I guess just read the README from the repo (a project which will require a creative rename in the future): shape-pov ATM, this is a script to write shapefiles to PovRay docs for rendering. Long-term, will be a map tile renderer with 3D support and more. Whats more? Well, while compositing in TileMill and all the Mapnik … Continue reading shape-pov on GitHub