Plugin-free QGIS TMS tiles via GDAL

Want to load your favorite tiles into QGIS? How about a plugin-free QGIS TMS tiles via GDAL:

Really awesome… .

Needs but one change: epsg:900913 should be epsg:3857 or QGIS (GDAL?) throws an error. Presumably you could also define epsg:900913 in some config file, but barring that create an XML file as follows, and load as a raster in QGIS:

    <Service name="TMS">
    <Cache />

Now I can use my pretty tilestache maps _everywhere!_:
Image of coyote points overlayed on tilestache rendered hillshade map

Screenshot of map from postgis

edit: forgot the hattip for the lead on this, Thomas gratier: @ThomasG77

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