Plugin-free QGIS TMS tiles via GDAL

Want to load your favorite tiles into QGIS? How about a plugin-free QGIS TMS tiles via GDAL: Really awesome… . Needs but one change: epsg:900913 should be epsg:3857 or QGIS (GDAL?) throws an error. Presumably you could also define epsg:900913 in some config file, but barring that create an XML file as follows, and load as a raster in QGIS: Now I can use … Continue reading Plugin-free QGIS TMS tiles via GDAL

Parks Data Cake, part deux

Following up on my previous post, I have started to detail the how of our parks map rendering works, including a GitHub repository with all the code and data to build your own in TileStache. One of these days, we’ll port this to TileMill, but in the mean time, it works and works wonderfully.   — Addendum — Truth in advertising– the contours data were … Continue reading Parks Data Cake, part deux

Parks Data Cake

Stamen has a great blog entry on mapping for parks on their blog. It’s a teaser for a deeper dive in mapping parks, and I’m staying tuned, as their write-ups tend to be detailed, thoughtful, and complete. I thought I’d offer my own teaser– a bit of work done collaboratively with GreenInfo Network.  It started with their basemap– something they spent a few person-years refining from … Continue reading Parks Data Cake

QGIS Compositing, more gushing yet…

Ever had a workflow on the web that resulted in stuff so nice, you wanted to replicate on the desktop?  Ya, me neither until recently.  I love the cartography a particular website, know all the bits and pieces of color and effects that go into, but had no desktop application that could do the same.   Until now.  On the left, QGIS, on the right, TileStache … Continue reading QGIS Compositing, more gushing yet…