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OpenDroneMap — Orthophotos and GCPs

Posted by smathermather on February 4, 2015

No docs yet for orthophoto generation and the use of GCPs in OpenDroneMap, but for the early adopters, check out this branch of OpenDroneMap:

The format of the GCP file is simple. The header line is a description of the coordinate system (nothing formal here). Subsequent lines are the X, Y & Z coordinate in your coordinate system, your associated pixel and line number in the image, and the image name itself:

306285.997948 4545379.373772 218.375076 755 1159 IMG_0541.jpg
306086.87645 4545305.068275 220.971863 1874 1508 IMG_0548.jpg
306286.079002 4545211.102966 222.374451 1650 2381 IMG_0605.jpg
306258.256744 4545357.435387 218.836639 1763 2603 IMG_0513.jpg
306323.770813 4545246.277000 222.837692 543 2326 IMG_0521.jpg

For your edification, the schematic of ground control for Michele M. Tobias & Alex Mandel’s Cole Oil Point Reserve dataset.

Image of ground control over Coal Oil Point Reserve dataset

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  1. […] mention this file briefly in a previous post, but let’s get into the weeds a bit on how to create one. The format is a simple text file. […]

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