Affordable Espresso

So, I did a thing. I created my first personal internet video. It’s about coffee. Well, more specifically about espresso, which like Turkish, Arabic, and Ethiopian coffee types is not just merely coffee, but somehow something much more. Not content with throwing it up on YouTube, I put it on PeerTube:

With more than 100 000 hosted videos, viewed more than 6 millions times and 20 000 users, PeerTube is the decentralized free software alternative to videos platforms developed by Framasoft

Since Peertube is decentralized, and thus shares your IP address with random folks who are also on Peertube, I recommend using a proxy along with Peertube, but it’s a cool set of concepts: scale the video infrastructure with peer sharing; deploy anywhere as Free and Open Source Software infrastructure for video sharing.

One of the great challenges of our time is against centralization of cultural power that happens with platforms. Peertube is an interesting experiment in helping to level that playing field.

Well, as you are thinking about the centralization of cultural power through the development of platforms, you can learn some of my tricks for making affordable espresso wherever you go. If you see me at a conference, ask me for an espresso. I’ll probably have some freshly ground single origin with your name on it… .

My tools are a Handpresso Wild Hybrid (best price for US is probably Whole Latte Love) and while in the video I used a ROK manual grinder, which is adequate, thanks to Christmas, I just acquired a 1Zpresso JX-PRO grinder and I think I’m in heaven. It does as well (to my untrained taste buds) as the $3k grinder at a favorite Cleveland coffee shop. So, for $159 grinder and a $55-$130 espresso maker, you can have really good espresso everywhere. $220 to have great espresso is unheard of.

Anyway, watch the video. It was fun to make. You can see a real world use of blender as 3D renderer and video editor, OpenDroneMap for small scale photogrammetry, and Audacity. I tried to hide my audio sins with Audacity. Please excuse them most kindly.

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