Scanning the samples with OpenDroneMap — part II

In a previous post, we did a bit of a proof of concept in using OpenDroneMap for scanning a skull. It was the second skull I had scanned with OpenDroneMap. The first was a mountain gorilla skull from the Virungas from the 1920s that I then printed in 3D and brought home with me to Rwanda on a recent trip.

These previous scans though were without actually having access to the skull. They were a bit… meta… a bit… inception.

Today while walking with the kids, I found an intact skull. Time to scan! 75 pictures and an hour and 45 minutes of processing and we have a beautiful 3D model of the skull:

It works better on a real skull. The detail is breathtaking, including portions of the skull that are pierced and thus topologically quite complicated.

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