OpenDroneMap — The MOVIE

Apparently travelling for 20 days straight back and forth through 3 time zones across 13 hours of time difference¬† makes me calmer, more rational, and a better presenter than normal. All 27 minutes and 35 seconds. And then don’t forget to check out the rest: Continue reading OpenDroneMap — The MOVIE

OpenDroneMap and the art of sneakernet packet making

Current scene in the smathermather household — OpenDroneMap sneakernet packets being produced for training 53 people in OpenDroneMap on Monday. (Yes, I’m using rsync, not tar. Old dog. New tricks.) edit: let’s throw some code up there, ugly though it may be:   Continue reading OpenDroneMap and the art of sneakernet packet making

OpenDroneMap — Art and Science

I consider myself an artist and scientist. I’ll confess I have let the art go fallow some in recent years, but these are two sides of one coin. If you like either, and especially if you like both, you should check out Tobias Research. I met Michele at FOSS4G, where from the moment she saw my presentation on OpenDroneMap to using it to create a … Continue reading OpenDroneMap — Art and Science