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OpenDroneMap and the art of sneakernet packet making

Posted by smathermather on September 20, 2014

Current scene in the smathermather household — OpenDroneMap sneakernet packets being produced for training 53 people in OpenDroneMap on Monday.

(Yes, I’m using rsync, not tar. Old dog. New tricks.)

edit: let’s throw some code up there, ugly though it may be:

START=$(date +%s) && cd /media/user/USB\ DISK/ && rsync -avz /home/user/Desktop/* . && cd .. && \
END=$(date +%s) && DIFF=$(( $END - $START )) && echo && echo "Processing took $DIFF seconds" & \
START=$(date +%s) && cd /media/user/USB\ DISK1/ && rsync -avz /home/user/Desktop/* . && cd .. && \
END=$(date +%s) && DIFF=$(( $END - $START )) && echo && echo "Processing took $DIFF seconds" && \
cd .. &


6 Responses to “OpenDroneMap and the art of sneakernet packet making”

  1. thedeer said

    Have you considered using a PirateBox or a LibraryBox for distributing the files? Though free flash drives are awesome too 😀

    • Great idea. I thought briefly about it (not knowing how easy it is now), but from the time I knew I had no network to delivery, flash was faster. I will definitely add that to the toolkit however… .

      • thedeer said

        Yeah. It might be cheaper and faster in the long run but people do like USB freebies. Hehe. Haven’t actually tried it a real workshop yet though. Will trial it this November.

        For the hardware, the MR3040 is a bit pricier than the MR3020 but I think it’s the better choice for portability. Pair it with a low profile flash drive and you’ve got yourself a lean mean file serving machine. MR3020 needs be plugged in to work but it shouldn’t be a problem assuming the venue has plenty of power outlets or if you have a powerbank 🙂 Good luck!

      • Awesome! I’ll be using that.

        I was bad and had them return the drives this time… .

      • thedeer said

        Just curious, what flash drives did you use? Can’t read the labels on the picture.

      • MicroCenter

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