Drivetime analyses, pgRouting

We’ve got some quick and dirty pgRouting-based code up on github. I say quick and dirty because it directly references the table names in both of the functions. I hope to fix this in the future. The objective with this code is to input a point, use a nearest neighbor search to find the nearest intersection, and from that calculate a drive time alpha shape. … Continue reading Drivetime analyses, pgRouting

The easiest way to get PostGIS and friends running:

Docker.  See: for a quick and easy Docker running PostGIS. Understand, this isn’t production ready (the connection permissions make my teeth hurt a little) but, so nice to have a one stop shop for postgis, pgrouting, and pointcloud. Now I may have to write blog posts on pointcloud. Point cloud didn’t get in the PostGIS Cookbook because it was too hard to build. I … Continue reading The easiest way to get PostGIS and friends running:

Realistic biking distances, pgRouting

In an upcoming recipe (another one for the cutting room floor), we’ll play a bit with realistic biking distances, as compared with a 5-mile buffer (light grey), a 5-mile driving distance (dark grey), and a 5-mile biking-on-roads-with-speed-limits-under-40mph (purplish). This is just a teaser for mapbaker… . Continue reading Realistic biking distances, pgRouting