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Getting Bundler and friends running

Posted by smathermather on April 27, 2014

Anyone who has jumped down the rabbit hole of computer vision has run into dependency h*ll getting software to run.  I jumped down that hole again today with great success that I don’t want to forget (these directions are for Ubuntu, fyi).

First, clone BundlerTools:

This will download and compile (almost) everything for you, which is a wonderful thing.  The one exception is graclus.  This doesn’t have a direct download access anymore– you have to register, and then you will receive and e-mail with the download. So, to get the BundlerTools to work, you will need to post this someplace web accessible.  Then open and modify ( and change the following line (128)


to match your new download location.

Now change to executable:

chmod 700

and run


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