Getting Bundler and friends running — part deux

In my previous post on Getting Bundler and friends running, I suggested how to modify an existing script to get Bundler and other structure from motion parts/pieces up and running.  Here’s my follow up.

Install Vagrant and VirtualBox.

Download (or clone) this repo:

Navigate into the cloned or unzipped directory (on the command line), run

vagrant up

Go have a cup of coffee. Come back. Run

vagrant ssh

Congratulations. You have an Ubuntu machine capable of all sorts of StructureFromMotion / OpenDroneMap goodness.
Next: A tutorial on how to use the tools you just compiled… .

5 thoughts on “Getting Bundler and friends running — part deux

  1. This is great! Thanks. As a linux noob, the use of virtual development environments is definitely a huge PLUS. Any chance of getting visualsfm compiled in such an environment?

  2. At the end of this post you gave the following note: “Next: A tutorial on how to use the tools you just compiled…” and according to the time stamp: “This entry was posted on May 6, 2014 at 11:03 pm”.

    I’m starting to wonder if you will ever be posting this tutorial you mentioned 11 months ago. 😉

      1. Thank you, this is information is also helpful for (or at least gives clues on how to use) other bundler type projects that package cmvs and pmvs. 🙂

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