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OpenDroneMap on the road part II

Posted by smathermather on March 28, 2017

Thinking a little more about moderately large compute resources and their container (see previous post), I revised my analysis to look and see if we can fit these 10 NUCs plus switch and outlets into a carry-on sized case. It turns out, at first blush, it seems feasible:


4 Responses to “OpenDroneMap on the road part II”

  1. adamdsteer said

    I like these ideas – but you’re a few KG over carry on weight 🙂

    So you take a genset – what are your fuel requirements for N hours of power, where N is the time it takes to push out a rasterised map? (assuming a downsampled raster DSM/orthophoto that can be quickly pushed over a mobile phone network is the desired product)

    What is the power draw on all these bits of gear? Would the equivalent weight of batteries do the same job? Are you constrained by transport mode (helo, or 4wd?)

    Super keen to see a parallelised ODM – I’d be happy to test against another (not free) system I have access to using a neat set of 50MP imagery I have to hand.

  2. ridle said

    Dear Smathermather,
    I’m a civil engineer using gis and drone.
    I just find your ODM project and I think it’s amazing. The ODM is the first opensource project of map processing.
    I’m trying to deploy DOM on my computer. Also, I have used other two online map service which is

    Above two websites are aiming at oblique photography and 3d gis online. And indeed, the accuracy and quality of models are very nice.
    I wonder whether ODM can do this now.
    Besides I’m now learning the cesiumjs, I think ODM + cesiumjs will be a more powerful project.
    Thank you for your work!

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