From the Sultanate to the Keralites

It has been a busy few weeks of travel for me. With a short trip to Unmanned Vehicle Systems Oman (UVS-Oman) behind me, I had the pleasure of continuing on to Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India to work on more unmanned vehicle problems. You may recall from 2018 a trip that Frederick Mbuya and I took at the outset of drone program development for the International Center for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS). He wrote a nicely detailed post on the trip here (click on this great image he got):


I had the distinct pleasure of returning to Kerala to witness the growth of their program and help with some fun technical problems (more on this later).

One query I got from my colleagues and friends in Kerala is which place, of all the ones I’ve been privileged enough to visit, is my favorite. My answer was that Kerala is the place I felt at home the fastest of all the places I have visited. My hosts accused me of diplomacy. But, it’s true: in spite of Kerala being unlike any other place I have been, it is one of my homes and quite close to my heart now.

And just like my children, with places, I don’t pick favorites. 🙂  But, Kerala is up there.

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