Kole Wetland Canal Mapping with ClusterODM

My friends and collegues at International Center for Free and Open Source Software in Kerala, India have done a pretty interesting and massive mapping initiative over Thrissur Kole Wetlands. The wetlands are a massive 30,000+ acre area that are both important to wildlife and provide rice production. Suman Rajan, Asish Abraham, and Deepthi Patric (left to right in image below) mapped 9000 acres of it. … Continue reading Kole Wetland Canal Mapping with ClusterODM

View of the sea crashing on the Kerala shore

Keralite Klusters

One of the problems we worked on in Kerala wasn’t a drone problem at all, but an infrastructure problem. Given a distribution of locales, how can we cluster those according to distance to help reduced duplicated infrastructure services (internet, electricity, etc.)? There are lots of ways to solve this, but we chose to do it in PostGIS because… Ok: because that’s what I always often do … Continue reading Keralite Klusters

From the Sultanate to the Keralites

It has been a busy few weeks of travel for me. With a short trip to Unmanned Vehicle Systems Oman (UVS-Oman) behind me, I had the pleasure of continuing on to Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India to work on more unmanned vehicle problems. You may recall from 2018 a trip that Frederick Mbuya and I took at the outset of drone program development for the International Center … Continue reading From the Sultanate to the Keralites