Apis helvetica var. Jacques

I was on my way to Rwanda to do some more work with Karisoke Research Institute on Gorillas, help close out some research worked on by University of Rwanda botany student Tuyizere Jean de Deiu on how land use and land cover have changed between 1995 and present. More on that project in a later post. In the meantime, while passing through Europe, I took … Continue reading Apis helvetica var. Jacques

OpenDroneMap and Uhuru Labs in Kerala, India

The State of Kerala, India has the International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) an autonomous institution “mandated with the objectives of co-ordinating FOSS initiatives within Kerala, as well as linking up with FOSS initiatives in other parts of the world in order to push the agenda of promoting democratic access to information and knowledge through equitable models of production and distribution of … Continue reading OpenDroneMap and Uhuru Labs in Kerala, India

Profile image of point cloud over local park

Scaling OpenDroneMap, necessary (and fun!) next steps

I finally got PDAL properly compiled with Point Cloud Library (PCL) baked in. Word to the wise — CLANG is what the makers are using to compile. The PDAL crew were kind enough to revert the commit which broke GCC support, but why swim upstream? If you are compiling PDAL yourself, use CLANG. (Side note, […]

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Viewing Sparse Point Clouds from OpenDroneMap — GeoKota

This is a post about OpenDroneMap, an opensource project I am a maintainer for. ODM is a toolchain for post-processing drone imagery to create 3D and mapping products. It’s currently in beta and under pretty heavy development. If you’re interested in contributing to the project head over here. The Problem So for most of the […] via Viewing Sparse Point Clouds from OpenDroneMap — GeoKota Continue reading Viewing Sparse Point Clouds from OpenDroneMap — GeoKota

OpenDroneMap — texturing improvements

Great news on OpenDroneMap. We now have a branch that has MVS-Texturing integrated, thanks to continuing work by Spotscale, and of course continuing integration work by @dakotabenjamin. The MVS-Texturing branch isn’t fully tested yet, nor fully integrated, but the initial results are promising. MVS-Texturing itself handles the problems of choosing the best photos for a given facet on a textured model in order to do … Continue reading OpenDroneMap — texturing improvements

OpenDroneMap — Paris Code Sprint

I failed to make it to the Paris Code Sprint. It just wasn’t in the cards. But, my colleague Dakota and I sprinted anyway, with some help and feedback from the OpenDroneMap community. So, what did we do? Dakota did most of the work. He hacked away at the cmake branch of ODM, a branch set up by Edgar Riba to substantially improve the installation … Continue reading OpenDroneMap — Paris Code Sprint

OpenDroneMap — the future that awaits (part 이)

In my previous post, ODM — the future that awaits, I start to chart out OpenDroneMap beyond the toolchain. Here’s a bit more, in outline form. More narrative and breakdown to come. (this is the gist) Objectives: Take OpenDroneMap from simple toolchain to an online processing tool + open aerial dataset. This would be distinct from and complementary to OpenAerialMap: Explicitly engage and provide a … Continue reading OpenDroneMap — the future that awaits (part 이)